New MK III. Definitely one of my new favorite pistols.

This is the best video message I have ever gotten. I found it while looking though old photos. This was our first month of dating.I have the most amazing, adorable, sexy, thoughtful, loving, handsome, sweet, kind, smart, selfless boyfriend in the entire world. I couldn’t ask for anyone better. Now it’s almost our 6 month anniversary, and my love has just gotten stronger and stronger, baby. I cherish every second we spend together. I know for a fact that all I want is you my love. And I’m so thankful that I found you and now you’re mine.

Love you, baby. 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

Love you, baby. 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

3 by 3

By the Power of 3 by 3, let it be, let it be, let it be. This I ask of thee, by the glorious Power of the Ancient Sea. Before Man spread his disease, before Man created his “Gods”, I call upon the Ancient Watchtowers of The North, The East, The South, and The West. Watchtowers erected so long before Man’s arrogance outshone the Sun itself, and destroyed the bastions of the truth of life by his own arrogance, and insatiable lust for a power that was never truly there. A power they could never truly attain, because their hearts and minds were deceived by the Men of False Power and Desire. These Men arose at every corner of Mother Earth, and out of fear, jealousy, and ignorance, destroyed that which was meant to save us all. Beware of the “Holy Men”, for they are agents of deceit. Sometimes deceiving by their own design, and sometimes deceiving by a misguided reverence to ancients lies and misgivings. This is just a warning to those whose minds can hear the call of something more than a “God”. Something far older. Something of truth. Something good and evil, serene and chaotic. Something that is in all of your imaginings of what could be and what is. It is said to seek freedom, and the meaning of your pitiful life shall be revealed. But no one but you can learn of this. So perhaps, give it a try.

I try so hard…

to tell people that I am different. I was born this way. Different. Strange. Some would even say sociopathic. I’ve never been a normal human like the rest of you. Yet people laugh it off as if I were attempting some outlandish joke, that’s in bad taste to normal people. I wake up everyday and wear one of my many masks. Few if any understand who and what I really am. What I really want and desire. What really drives my impulses and motivations. I can be whoever and whatever you want me to be at that moment. But that really isn’t me. It’s a learned and cultivated version of “Me”. Few if ANY of you will ever truly understand these things I’m writing. But to those that do, we recognize our own kind, as wolves recognize their own kin. This is just a letter I’m writing in a bottle and throwing into the vast, uncaring, ancient sea. It will most likely never be found or recognized. Especially by another human that understands my callings.


Welcome to hell

The Craft (1996)


The Craft (1996)

Let’s get literal…

I’m a killer. A murdering bastard, you know that. And there are consequences to breaking the heart of a murdering bastard.


I’m back.


Fuck Facebook. Tired of being judged and talked shit about on there. I’m sticking with you Tumblr. You’ve always been there for me. Plus, you put out. ;)

Ha. 😒